Unique marketing support

For many of our resellers, life is busy enough supporting customers and building a business. We want you to benefit from our knowledge, experience and expertise, which includes marketing support to get you up and running.

For one simple cost, we will create and launch your own branded, personalised and fully-populated website containing all the vital information you need to start out, allowing you to not only start selling straight away but to generate new leads and enquiries that will grow your business.

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Professional and proactive

Professional and proactive

Our website solution has been developed by our professional marketing partners, who benefit from years’ of experience in web design, graphic design and marketing strategy.

We have established a style which is easy to navigate, mobile-responsive and contains clear calls to action which encourage readers to contact you.

And it’s reliable; hosted by Channel Host in the UK alongside all of our cloud distribution solutions, we know that your website will keep working for you.

Why choose our marketing solution?

  • Professional design, development and content
  • Experienced marketing expertise
  • Easy website development and launch
  • One cost that gives you everything you need to start selling
  • Supported by Channel Host’s friendly team
  • Reliable hosting in the UK by Channel Host

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Contact us to find out more about Channel Host’s reseller website and marketing support.

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